TARDIS Tesla Fundraising Campaign

Cameron is one of our amazing Hacker Scouts and he has big plans for the Maker Faire this year!    

He is a 17 year old, homeschooled guy that paints, plays with lightning, makes electronic mechanical contraptions, writes computer programs, and builds/fixes computers.

The Project:

TARDIS Tesla is an electric performance/game involving two large tesla coils, a replica TARDIS, and sonic screwdriver TV remotes. The way it works is there are two players each with a sonic screwdriver that they use to play a game of Bulls and Cows These sonic screwdrivers have accelerometers in them that detects movement like up, down, left, right, ect. The players move their screwdriver to input a sequence of commands assigned to each movement. Each screwdriver has a corresponding coil it controls via a computer program and arduinos. The Two Players (or companions) demonstrate their ability to use a sonic screwdriver to gain access to the TARDIS. Whenever they enter in part of the combo, their corresponding coil fires a bolt of lightning at the TARDIS. If it's correct, the bolt sounds like a sonic screwdriver and if it's incorrect sounds like an error beep. Who ever wins gets to pick a song to play on the coils.

From the Hacker Scouts Team:

We are proud to be helping Cam reach his Maker Faire goal. As a member of our Hacker Scouts Guild 001 in Oakland, we have the privledge of seeing him work on a variety of projects with precision, ingenuity and passion. He also mentors the younger members of the Guild with compassion and a cool ability to share knowledge. Between the Hacker Scouts mentors and his mentors at Arc Attack, he has the support to achieve his dream. We believe in him and his TARDIS Tesla, and ask you to contribute to his campaign.

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