South Bay Guild 002 Open Lab at TechShop San Jose 6/9/13


Hacker Scouts San Jose would like to invite you to our first Open Lab at Tech Shop San Jose on Sunday June 9,2013 from 2pm-5pm.

We will accept cash,check or credit card($0.25 processing fee).  

Open Lab is an all ages program based on how children learn through various developmental and educational theories as well as a desire we see in the Maker culture for community and family inclusiveness.




Featured Project: #1 Compressed Air Rockets

These are super popular and fun! We thought we would bring them back, since we haven't done them in a while and the forecast is clear!

 Build simple and personalized paper rockets that we will take outside and launch high into the air!

($3 Materials fee)



      Featured Project: #2 Origami Polyhedra

Come explore three-dimensional space!  Folded paper origami is great for building beautiful polyhedra.  We'll show you how to fold simple modules and then assemble them into cool shapes.  We'll talk about how these shapes which inspired ancient mathematicians are important in geometry, chemistry, architecture, art, and design.  ($3.00 Materials fee)






6 Assorted  Soldering Kits will be available  as well

Projects vary in difficulty. Kits range from $10- $25





Date and Time: June 9,2013 2pm-5pm

Address: 300 S 2nd St, San Jose, CA 95113

Phone:(408) 916-4144

Parking: When parking in the TechShop Lot  you must ask the front desk for a Parking Permit or risk being towed.