Open Lab 6/16/13

Hacker Scouts Oakland Open Lab 6/16/13: 2-5pm at AMT

Happy Father's Day! We have a great Open Lab planned for families!

Note: NPR Reporter Jon Kalish will be joining us again this Sunday for a new story on Hacker Scouts!


Featured Projects:

  Guest Workshop: WYE Crash Test Cars

Workshops For Young Engineers founder Lance Akiyama will be joining us to feature his awesome Crash Test Cars! Participants will use craft sticks, plastic wheels, hot glue, and more to build a car that can keep a hard-boiled egg safe in the event of a crash. Crashes are simulated by rolling the cars down a ramp and into a wall, or into another car. Makers will be able to use weighted plastic eggs as "crash test dummies" to test their cars before trying it out on a real egg. Very open ended, exciting, and easy to jump in and build! (Materials Fee: $5)

Custom Laser Cut Picture Frames

Come make Dad or Grand-Dad a special custom picture frame on the laser cutter! (Materials Fee: $5)

Custom Light Up Pop-Up Cards

Every great gift deserves a great card! Make a pop-up card that lights up by learning the fundamentals of conductive ink and LEDs! (Materials fee $4)

Assorted Electronic Kits

If Soldering and Electronics are your game, then we have an excellent stash of kits to work on! ($9-22 Material Fee)

Reminder: There will be no Oakland Open Labs in the month of August while we take a break and get ready for a fantastic new season, starting in September!