Oakland Open Lab 9/15/13

Oakland Open Lab 9/15/13

After a month off we are ready to be back- and so are the kids from what we hear!

Join us Sunday 9/15/13 from 2-5pm at AMT (6050 Lowell St #214 Oakland) for Open Lab!


Featured projects:


 Intro to Soldering

Every once in a while, we like to have a beginning course in soldering to introduce the skill and get kids comfortable with the soldering iron. Since we have a lot of new Hacker Scouts coming to Open Lab, and we are starting another season, we thought now was the perfect time! In this workshop, you will learn how to solder and get familiarized with many of the components you may come across when working with electronics. This will be an excellent activity for any kid wanting to move on to some of our more complex kits. ($10 materials fee includes intro kit, limit 20)


Air Rocket  Compressed Air Rockets:

Everyone loves this project, and we are bringing it back before the wind and rain begins and we won't be able to offer it for a while! Come make your very own custom rocket and blast it higher than you thought possible! (Free)



 Intro to Cross Stitch:

The original pixel art! Learn how to form pictures on fabric using patterning and stitching!

($5 Materials Fee- take home your own hoop, needle, fabric and floss!)


And as always we will have an excellent selection of electronic kits- including some brand new ones!

See you Sunday!