Oakland Open Lab 7/21/13

Oakland Open Lab is this Sunday, July 21, from 2-5pm at Ace Monster Toys.

As a reminder, there will be NO OAKLAND OPEN LABS IN AUGUST! We hope to see you this weekend!


Featured Projects:


 Polymer Science

Session 1: Slime Worms

Use chemistry to make instant long, slimy worms!

Session 2: DIY Dough

The chemistry of kneading and rising!

(Materials Fee $5)


   Twinkle Cuffs

Create a twinkling bracelet using conductive thread and a sewable electronics components. Crafty Rachel and a few others will be on hand with instructions to help parents and kids build this project together. This is a great project for our older Scouts, age 10+!

(Material Fee $22) Read more about this project here.


   Penny Maze

Design and build an invisible maze puzzle in an afternoon! You decide the level of difficulty! Can your friends and family figure out how to navigate a coin through? We'll provide the materials and guidance in coin maze construction.  Bring your own coins!


(Materials Fee: FREE)


Assorted Electronic Kits

Choose from our great selection of electronic kits and get soldering!

(Material Fee varies $9-22)