Oakland Open Lab 6/2/13

Oakland Open House 6/2/13

2-5pm at Ace Monster Toys

Welcome to the first Open Lab in June!

Just a few reminders about our basic rules of Hacker Scouts in a hackerspace:

  • Always wear close-toed shoes
  • Always wear safety glasses or other safety gear when applicable
  • Never use equipment without an adult present
  • No roughhousing
  • Be mindful and respectful of the space, the equipment, and the mentors.

 Finally, Open Lab is about community engagement and exploration. It is not a drop-off program. Parents are required to stay at AMT for the duration their child(ren) attend.

Featured Projects:

DIY Stomp Rockets

Make your own rockets and launcher using plastic bottles, PVC pipe, paper and tape! Try different designs to maximize your launch altitude! ($5 materials fee, please BRING AN EMPTY 1 OR 2 LITER PLASTIC SODA BOTTLE WITH CAP)

Junk Journals

Make your own journal to write, draw and paint in using recycled and found materials. Selecting materials, how to prepare pages for painting, and binding will be covered. (Free)

Mentos Geysers

There is nothing more satisfying than the reaction between mentos and diet coke. Come learn the science and and see how high we can get the geysers to shoot into the air! (Free)

Button Machine

Our Scouts are completely obsessed with our button machine, so we are bringing it to Open Lab! Make a Hacker Scouts button, or customize your own. ($1 for two buttons)


And, as usual, we will have a variety of electronic kits on hand! See you Sunday!