Oakland Open Lab 5/5/13

May the 4th Be With You! May the 5th Serve You Well!

Oakland Open Lab: DIY Star Wars!

5/5/13 from 2-5pm


We have an Empire sized line-up of featured projects:


 DIY Custom Lightsaber

Build your own custom illuminated light saber!  A must for any Jedi. (Materials fee $18, limited to 20)


 Wookie Cushions

Chewbacca is the best friend any rebel could have! Make your own cuddly version, with real Chewie sound! Younger children may need parental assistance with hand sewing. (Materials Fee: $8)

 Star Wars 2-Color Stenciling

Join our ally Zetta Tech and make galactically awesome  2-Color DIY Jedi Stencil T-Shirts! We will use B&W images to make simple Spray Paint Stencils from Star Wars Stills! Pick your favorite character, assemble text from the STAR WARS stencil "Boba Font" Alphabet, and make a DIY T-shirt- and take the stencil home for re-use! 

(Material Fees: $7 w/ T-shirt included (limit of 15) or $3 if you bring your own T-Shirt!)

 Storm Trooper Helmets

Luke and Han could have gotten their Storm Trooper helmets an easier way if they had only known you could make them out of gallon milk jugs! (Free! While we will have as many jugs on hand as we can collect, please bring your own milk jug if you can! To save time, you can paint it white ahead of time. If not, we have spray paint available!)

 Force Gloves

Use the Force, the magnetic force that is, and move objects with a flick of your hand! (Materials Fee $3)


Please note- there will be no electronic/soldering kits sold at this Open Lab. Star Wars Costumes are encouraged but not required! 


Please remember that there is NO Open Lab on May 18th due to Maker Faire. We hope to see you there, and also back at Open lab when we resume on 6/2/13.