Oakland Open Lab 4/7/13

Oakland Open Lab

Sunday 4/7/13 from 2-5pm

at Ace Monster Toys (6050 Lowell Street, Oakland #214)


Featured Project: Origami Polyhedra

Come explore three-dimensional space!  Folded paper origami is great for building beautiful polyhedra.  We'll show you how to fold simple modules and then assemble them into cool shapes.  We'll talk about how these shapes which inspired ancient mathematicians are important in geometry, chemistry, architecture, art, and design.  ($3 materials fee.)



Custom Screen Printing

Learn how to make your own economical screens and print your own designs over and over! Materials and paper will be provided, but you are welcome to bring anything else you might want to print on, such as bags, shirts, pillowcases! 

(Materials fee $5)


Soldering 101

We will have extra mentors on hand this Open Lab to help and guide beginners with soldering, since we have a lot of new families with interest! (Free)



Assorted Electronic Kits

We just replenished our stock of favorite soldering kits and well as a few new ones! (Kits range from $9-$22)


See you Sunday at AMT!