Oakland Open Lab 3/3/13

Oakland Open Lab 3/3/13


Featured project: Nesting Boxes

Spring is around the corner! A time for rebirth and new growth, many of our local birds will be starting families! Build a custom nesting box to keep those hatchlings safe and encourage birds to nest in your yard! We will have wood, nails, drills, hammers and paint to help you create a unique box. You even get to take your hammer home for more building! ($7 material fee)


Guest Workshop: Hula Hoops

Forget those flimsy toy store hula hoops! Expert hooper Cinder will teach us how to make our own custom professional grade beginner hoops from irrigation pipe and colorful tape. Includes a Intro to Hooping Tricks class!

($13 materials fee)


Free Project: Compressed Air Rockets

We haven't offered Compressed Air Rockets in a while, and the last time we did we had some technical fails. So we are bringing back the awesome compressed air rockets that shoot high in the sky! Always a crowd pleaser and great for all ages! (No materials fee!)




DIY Laser Cut Workshop

Many of you have expressed interest in designing something to create on the Laser Cutter. Well, you can! You can find the instructions on how to prepare your design here. We will be charging $0.50 per minute to use the laser cutter for your own designs, slightly more if you do not bring your own materials to cut. Please send your file to [email protected] BEFORE Open lab so we can make sure it will print. If you have any questions, email us!


Assorted Electronic Kits

We just replenished our stock of favorite soldering kits and well as a few new ones! (Kits range from $9-$22)


See you Sunday at AMT!