Oakland Open Lab 2/2/14

Oakland Open Lab 2/2/14

2-5pm at the Curiosity Hacked Oakland Lab (6036 Telegraph Avenue, Oakland)

Steampunk Valentine Hack!

What is Steampunk you ask? Well, it's a genre of science fiction that adds steam power and technology to a setting inspired by the Victorian Era or the American Wild West. Kind of like a future and a past. Do you like Miyazaki films? Legend of Korra? Jules Verne? Lots of Steampunk!

Featured Projects (this week all projects are $5 each):


Victorian Valentines

The art of making and giving Valentines was perfected and popularized in the 19th century. Come use the very best in fancy and luxurious materials to make a traditional Victorian Valentine!

LED Cards

If your Valentine is more into technology, use LEDs and conductive ink to make a card that will brighten anyone's day!

Steampunk Hats

Make a millinery masterpiece with a miniature top hat and accessories!

Steampunk Goggles

We'll show you various techniques to make this necessary eyepiece for anyone working with steam engines, flying airships, or riding into adventure.


Plus various electronic kits ($9-25) are available! See you Sunday!