Oakland Open Lab 2/16/14

Oakland Open Lab 2/16/14

2-5pm at the Curiosity Hacked Oakland Lab (6036 Telegraph Ave.)

At Curiosity Hacked, we do everything we can to model for the kids the significance technology plays in life. With great fun comes responsibility: re-use, sustainability, community, and innovation are just some of the ways we can utilize technology as a tool to create the world we want. The impact can be as big and changing someones life for the better- or even saving lives! On a regular basis, the Oakland Lab will offer a Day of Service. This is a chance for our kids to make something in service of someone else; to use their skills to help others. In this way, they begin to see themselves not just as makers of things, but as makers of the future. We chose two projects this time, one that benefits our community locally and one that benefits a community in South Asia.


Day of Service Projects:

Bili Lights

We will be working with Luma League to bilirubin light boxes. These will be sent with a doctor to be used in med clinics in Bhutan. Note: This project will require lots of soldering!


Wheelchair Bags

We will have several machines running to sew wheelchair bags for the rehab program at Children's Hospital, Oakland. There will be a variety of fabrics to choose from, so kids can help make bags they think other kids will like!


Our Day of Service is completely free to attend and participate in. We are, however, collecting donations to bring an Open Lab free of cost to the kids in treatment and recovery at Children's Hospital. This would be an amazing opportunity for the kids to build skills and make in a safe, healthy environment. We hope you will help us reach that goal.