Oakland Open Lab 10/6/13

Join us for the Oakland Open Lab on 10/6/13 at Ace Monster Toys (6050 Lowell Street #214, Oakland) from 2-5pm!


Featured Projects:



Imagination Foundation's Global Cardboard Challenge (free)

Enjoy learning how to create everything from armor to arcade games in this annual celebration of using simple recycled material to bring imagination to life!


 Electric Cigar Box Guitar ($15, limit 12 participants)

Make a wicked (and working!) electric guitar out of a cigar box and parts. Hack it then rock it!



Dias De Los Muertos Portable Altars ($7)

In October, the focus shifts from the larger, outside world to the inner world. During this time, as the light starts to fade, we explore the connection between the physical world and the spirit world. Make an exquisitely detailed pocket altar to celebrate Dias De Los Muertos! Bring photos of loved family members, friends, and/or pets who have passed to incorporate and personalize.


See you Sunday!