NPR features Hacker Scouts on Weekend Edition!

NPR Reporter Jon Kalish proudly wearing his Hacker Scout Badge!

In September, AMT’s youth program Hacker Scouts was honored to host NPR reporter Jon Kalish at one of our Open Labs. Since he focuses on the DIY movement, Mr. Kalish was curious about how we were serving the next generation of Makers.  He seemed particularly interested in our approach of hands-on skill building and the importance we place on autonomy and choice. He observed and interviewed parents and kids, and finally we get to hear the result!

His story about the Hacker Scouts, the web site and merit badges for young makers was feature on NPR's Weekend Edition on December 23rd, 2012. You can listen to it here.

We had an enormous response from our feature on NPR's Weekend Edition! It means so much to us that what we are doing resonates with so many! We appreciate all the kind words and support of relevant and real STEAM education!




Hey Jeni, this is Lehigh Valley, PA yes? I am starting to group regional interest and want to be sure I have you in the right place!

Thanks for sharing your story with NPR!!!

I was very much inspired and have already put out a few emails looking for a similar group around the Nashville area. I have found a few guys with 'workshops' but no formal "hacker scouting" group. After a few more weeks of searching and networking, I may look into starting one locally myself around the 2013 fall semester.

We are so glad you are inspired! Please keep in touch, either by emailing, checking back on our web page, or joining our mailing list. We are designing a way to support new Hacker Scouts around the country right now!