Hackerscouts Guild 001 Meeting #18

Crew Logos

The meeting started out with the individual crews breaking out and working on their Crew Patch designs.  Many honed in on what was essential in their designs and we saw some great drawing.  We had a name change with one of the groups, they felt Techno Gods was not quite what they wanted, so they are now the Technomancers.





Second Wave Scouts

The Second Wave continued work on the Hackerling Circuit.  The scouts watched a soldering video, which explains a lot about the soldering process.  They worked on soldering on the ICs and the headers, a few got to solder on resistors.




First Wave Scouts

The First Wave Scouts continued work in their badge groups

In the LED Group

One scout was designing his Pi Counter, he made a drawing of the design and used boxmaker.rahulbotics.com  to design a lasercut enclosure for his Pi clock, and we cut out the prototype in cardboard.  Another scout finished his Laser Eyes Project, he just needs an elastic band to hold it on his head, and he began designing an LED light saber.  They drew a design on paper and then used the computer design program to further their ideas.  Together they worked on breadboards, powering the different leads of an RGB (3-lead common cathode) LED, as well as turning on the segments of a 7-segment LED display.  Glenn brought in his giant LED baton and we discussed the merits of PVC pipe vs. lasercut acrylic.



Programming Group Works on learning the fundamentals of coding.



The 2D-3D Group 

Kids continue to work on their designs.  Everyone has a project design started but are in various degrees of completion.  They are using their drawing skills, Inkscape design skills, and learning the 3D printer.  Last week they were planning parts, identifying material and sizing their designs.  This past Monday, they were bringing these initial paper sketches into the digital realm by creating scale diagrams in Inkscape.  They did a good job of doing the diagrams but quickly learned "eyeballing" scale didn't necessarily mean they had a true scale diagram that they could send to the laser cutter.  So those on this step had to re-size several diagrams in order to get the dimensions matching the real world scale they want.  Some of the projects they are working on include a desk, a lightbox, and a model plane.  These three are the furthest along and will likely be cutting prototypes using the lasercutter on Monday.  Another scout is designing a doll house, she has nice scale sketches done, and began designing in Inkscape.  One scout is planning a 3D model of a bear, another is designing a model train, while another is planning a rubber band gun.



Open Sourcing

Tonight we had an Open Sourcing session and a few of the scouts shared their projects they have been working on.  One scout shared his computer game he programmed using Scratch.  The game is called The Hunger Games Survival Mode.  He told the scouts all about how he designed it and the obstacles he had to overcome.


Core Value:  Positive Attitude

The scouts discussed the Core Value of having a Positive Attitude tonight.  The scouts broke into crews and discussed how they could critique someone's project in a positive way.  Garratt asked them, "How could you tell someone that something isn't working right in a positive way?"  The crew Doctor Wolves came up with, "If you resolder this, it might work better."  The crew formerly known as The Tech Gods, who will now be known as the Technomancers, came up with, "That's a really nice drawing, but it would be better if it didn't look so much like a face." 

Snack Time at Hackerscouts Guild 001