Hacker Scouts Open Lab 2/17/13

Featured project: Folding Wing Gliders! This is not your average balsa wood airplane. Originally designed by Jim Walker in the late 1930s, this glider has wings that fold back, allowing it to become more streamlined. This unique twist enables the glider to rocket 60 to 70 feet into the air using the included rubber band. At the peak of the climb the wings fold back out, allowing the glider to soar over long distances. There will be a group going to Golden Gate Playground a few blocks away (at San Pablo and 62nd St) towards the end of Open Lab, where there is a big field to let the gliders fly! ($10 material fee) Limit: 25 kids

      Tesla Coils with CamDAX CamDAX is going to bring his Audio Modulated Tesla Coil, to play some awesome music, and shock him self as well as any willing victims.  Also there will be a piano and electric guitar, so you can play your own tune on the coil. (Free)


          Handmade Books: These bookmaking kits contain 72 sheets of deckle edge paper, plus the spine and cover boards needed to complete a lovely handmade book. Choose your own decorative paper as your cover. Makes a fantastic journal, photo album, or sketchbook!       ($8 material fee)      

DIY Laser Cut Art: Many of you have express interest in designing something yourself to create on the Laser Cutter. Well, now you can! You can find the instructions on how to prepare your design here. We will be charging $0.50 per minute to use the Laser Cutter for your own designs, slightly more if you do not bring your own materials to cut. Please send your file to hackerscouts@acemonstertoys BEFORE Open Lab so we can make sure they will print. If you have any questions, email us!

Assorted Soldering Kits:  We reordered all the sold-out new kits as well as some other favorites and are well-stocked again! Prices vary ($9-$22)

See you on Sunday 2/17/13, from 2-5pm at AMT!

2/17/13 Open Lab Summary

Wow! Almost 80 attendees at today's Open Lab in Oakland! Thanks for the great time everyone! Gliders were flown, Tesla Coils were modulated, books were handmade, LOTS of soldering was accomplished, and most importantly- fun was had by all!

A note on flying the Gliders: Make sure you are shooting them straight up in the air, and be aware that the wind greatly affects their flight- as we found out!

Some pictures from our day: