Hacker Scouts Open Lab 1/20/13

Here's the line up for the 1/20/13 Hacker Scouts Open Lab:

Featured Project Do-Over: Biospheres

Make your own self-sustaining biosphere and learn how this amazing ecosystem works!

Simon, delighted by the fish in his Biosphere.

This was our very first featured project and many of the families who now come to open lab missed it, so we are bringing it back! It is a wonderful way to learn about ecosystems and observe how each component is crucial to the survival of the others. Our own biospheres are still going strong at our house, with fish and shrimp! ($8 material fee)


Art: Wire Sculpture

"Owl" wire sculpture made by Simon (age 7)



Create amazing three dimensional sculptures out of wire and wood! Learn how to use a variety of tools to manipulate metal wire and solder your art together. Soldering experience is helpful but not necessary. ($5 material fee)





Compressed Air Rockets:


These are super popular and fun! We thought we would bring them back, since we haven't done them in a while and the forecast is clear!


Build simple and personalized paper rockets that we will take outside and launch high into the air! (Free)


DIY Laser Cut Art:

Many of you have express interest in designing something yourself to create on the Laser Cutter. Well, now you can! You can find the instructions on how to prepare your design here. We will be charging $0.50 per minute to use the Laser Cutter for your own designs, slightly more if you do not bring your own materials to cut. Please send your file to hackerscouts@acemonstertoys BEFORE Open Lab so we can make sure they will print. If you have any questions, email us!

Assorted Soldering Kits: 

We just got in a new shipment of favorite electronic kits as well as a few new ones!

Prices vary ($9-$22)


See you on Sunday, from 2-5pm at AMT!

1/20/13 Summary:

We had a busy Sunday afternoon yesterday with over 60 people! Unfortunately, we were down several mentors due to the flu, but as usual our amazing community stepped up and helped where they could. We sold out of Biospheres once again, and are looking forward to hearing reports back on the sustainability of these awesome ecosystems. Thanks to everyone who sent us emails with the names of their shrimp and fish! Soldering metal wire sculpture gave many kids a chance to learn how to solder as well as think about design. We also had just received a new shipment of fun electronic kits, which we almost sold out of as well! Looking forward to the next Open Lab on 2/3!

Soldering metal wire sculpture

Creating a hanging peace sign